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Want to reach out to the Ellsworth AFB community that consists of transitioning service members, veterans, and active duty family members?

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This is a FREE service that we provide to our community and companies wishing to employ them. With that in mind, please review the following guidelines and requirements for listing your position:

  • We will not post tables of multiple positions or multiple PDF pages
  • We do not send drafts of postings before publishing
  • If you are a contractor hiring for a position that does not yet exist (i.e. you are collecting a pool of applicants in order to bid on the contract), you must notify us of this
  • You job listing request must be kept to one page in length and include the following information:
    • Position Title
    • Position Type (Full time, part time, temporary, etc.)
    • Company
    • Position Location (City, State)
    • Salary or Wage
    • Date application window opens
    • Date application window closes
    • Position description or provide a web link to the position description
    • Employer contact information (where interested applicants apply to or who they contact for more information?)
  • This web site is a blog format and so jobs will not be removed after they are filled
  • We will not direct applicants to apply to your position on other employment web sites other than your companies site
  • We reserve the right to not post positions

Please send an email with the required position information to:

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