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Job hunt turns increasingly to social networks – CBS Evening News (5 June 2015)

Job recruiters are spending more time on social networking sites to find job candidates, according to a survey. Jill Schlesinger reports on how the unemployed can navigate the online landscape to land a job. From CBS Evening News which aired on Friday, June 5th, 2015.

How to Find a Job in 2014: Twitter

In the article, How to Find a Job in 2014, that appeared in Parade Magazine on Sunday, 13 April they present 5 tips for finding a job.

One of those tips is about using Twitter and Networking in 140 Characters:

If you hate schmoozing over muffin platters at conferences, here’s some good news: The best networking opportunities today are happening on Twitter. “Hiring” was tweeted 1 million times more in 2013 than 2012, says the site’s communications director, Rachael Horwitz.

If you’re just getting started, create a handle that includes your name, upload a photo, and make sure your bio defines who you are as a professional. Follow any companies you’d be interested in working for, as well as industry thought leaders and influencers. Check out people they follow to broaden your list. “Favorite-ing” someone’s tweet will send that person a notification and could get you on their radar.

You’ll also start to hear about scheduled tweet chats (when people post about a particular topic using the same hashtag) that you can join. Follow up with individuals by tweeting directly at them. “People will see that you’re a go-getter,” says Selena Larson, who used Twitter to land her job at tech news site

You can read the other tips by following this link to the Parade Magazine website.

Is Social Media Keeping You Out Of The Interview?

Not getting interviews?  It might be because recruiters have smartened up.  Some of them are checking peoples social media behavior for weed out factors before they even schedule interviews.  Should you worry?  Check out the following article to learn more and take a simple quiz to discover how you may be affected:

Your Facebook Profile Can Predict Your Job Performance – Time Moneyland

It can take as little as 10 minutes for someone to go through your Facebook profile and predict how you’ll perform in the workplace.

In a new study to be published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, researchers asked a university professor and two students to spend 10 minutes looking through the Facebook profiles of employed college students. They were then asked a series of personality-related questions about those students, like whether they thought the students were dependable or emotionally stable.

Six months later, the researchers obtained performance reviews of those students and compared those reviews with the earlier Facebook evaluations. The result: a high correlation between the perceptions drawn from Facebook profiles and their performance at work. In fact, the Facebook evaluations proved to be more accurate than traditional personality tests companies often use to gauge prospective employees.

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