Detention Maintenance Technician – Colorado

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for the following position(s):

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Works with minimal supervision and is responsible to the Facilities Maintenance Foreman.  Performs a variety of duties associated with the maintenance and repair of the Detention Facilities and grounds.  Supervises sentenced inmate workers in a variety of duties associated with the maintenance and care of Detention Facility and Sheriff’s Administration building.



The following duty statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other non-essential or marginal duties that may be required.  In addition, the Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to change the duties and essential functions of this job at any time.

  • Operates and repairs equipment to include those used for ground maintenance and snow removal.
  • Maintains detention facility security equipment, including video monitoring equipment, switching equipment, electronic doors, lock system and equipment, communications system, electrical outlets and electronic control panels.
  • Performs maintenance and repair on detention kitchen, laundry, landscaping, and housekeeping equipment.
  • Fabricates parts from various materials to meet the needs of the detention facility.
  • Performs shop work, including repair of furniture, vacuums, pressure washer, carpet cleaner.
  • Works with external contractors, and with County maintenance, in ensuring that facility maintenance needs are met.
  • Performs supervision over inmate trustees on a project basis.
  • Operates computers and standard office equipment including commonly used computer software programs as required by the position.
  • Maintains regular and acceptable attendance at such level as determined at the Sheriff’s Office discretion.
  • Is available and willing to work such weekends and holidays as the Sheriff’s Office determines are necessary or desirable to meet its needs. May be required to be on-call.
    • Performs duties both on and offsite.
    • Interacts effectively with others.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.


    • Knowledge of commonly used hand and power tools.
    • Knowledge of the electronic and technical equipment associated with security environments (i.e. CCTV, cameras, DVR’s, door access, intercoms, locks, and keys).
    • Knowledge of plumbing and plumbing principles.
    • Knowledge of maintenance and repairs of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment.
    • Possess journeyman level knowledge of standard practices, methods, tools, occupational hazards, and safety precautions of the building and maintenance trades.
    • Knowledge of commercial carpentry, framing, and finishing.
    • Skilled in following electrical circuits, understanding mechanical controls and the reading and understanding of electrical wiring diagrams and schematics.
    • Skilled in reading and understanding blueprints.
    • Skilled in the use of commonly used equipment and tools related to metal fabrication (i.e. welder, lathe, band saw, torch, drill press, etc.).
    • Skilled in troubleshooting.
    • Skilled in multi-tasking and prioritizing daily projects.
    • Skilled in the use of computers and commonly used computer software programs, as well    as any other standard office equipment as required by position.
    • Ability to operate and repair basic landscaping, and facility cleaning equipment. (i.e. floor buffers, floor scrubbers, vacuums, mowers, etc.)
    • Ability to operate and maintain snow removal equipment.
    • Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
    • Ability to perform physical tasks assigned to this position.
    • Ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written English
      • Ability to apply sound reasoning and decision-making.
      • Ability to interact in a professional manner with all staff.
      • Ability to get along well with others.

      EDUCATION:  High School Graduate or GED Equivalent.
      EXPERIENCE:  Minimum three (3) years’ experience in maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds.
      Any equivalent combination of education and experience that satisfy the requirements of the job.

      PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS.  Experience in a correctional environment.


      • Must possess CPR and First Aid certification within the initial status period.
      • Must possess a valid Colorado Driver’s License.

      Supplemental InformationPHYSICAL DEMANDS:
      The following are some of the physical demands commonly associated with this position.  They are included for informational purposes and are not all inclusive.

      Occasionally:  Activity exists less than 1/3 of the time.
      Frequently:    Activity exists between 1/3 and 2/3 of the time.
      Constantly:    Activity exists more than 2/3 of the time.

      • Occasional use of eye, hand and finger coordination enabling the use of automated office machinery and writing utensils.
      • Constantly involved in oral and auditory interaction, enabling interpersonal communication, including automated devices such as the telephone and radio, as well as personal interaction with inmates.Spends 10% of the time sitting, 40% standing, 50% walking while on the job.
        • Constantly stoops, kneels, pushes, pulls, crouches and balances while performing maintenance duties.
        • Frequently uses visual capacity including depth perception, color vision, and peripheral vision enabling completion of maintenance duties.
        • Occasionally lifts or carries up to 100 lbs. when moving office supplies or equipment.

        Contacts generally include supervisors, detention staff members, inmates, County maintenance personnel, contractors and a vendor occurs on a daily basis.  Personal contact with any individual of the public, an inmate or arrestee occurs on a daily basis.  This position requires physical contact of touching, controlling, sitting by, riding with an individual. Hand-to-hand exchanges of documents, money, personal property, clothing and other items may be required daily.  Face-to-face verbal communications between the member and the public is required on a constant basis.  This position may require immediate response to criminal and medical emergencies where blood, body fluids or other medical hazards may be present.  The member may or may not have time to take precautionary and protective measures.

        Work is performed indoors and outdoors with exposure to dust, grease, chemicals, fumes, etc.  Hazards present in this position are those inherent in occupational areas including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.  Work is performed in a detention security environment.

        This position has been determined to be a HIGH exposure risk to “bio-hazards” associated with blood-borne pathogens HIV (AIDS), HBV (hepatitis B) virus, and air-borne transmissions of TB (tuberculosis).  Members are advised that exposure to a “biohazard” may result in severe illness or death.  Members are required by agency policy to use protective equipment and clothing.  Inoculation may be required to prevent or treat exposures to “bio-hazards”.

        The screening process for any position within the Sheriff’s Office may include written test(s), an oral interview, skills test(s) and/or other selection methods designed to measure applicants’ ability to perform the essential functions of the job they are seeking. Required examinations may also include:
        Polygraph Examination.
        Psychological Evaluation.

      • Medical Examination, including a drug screen.
        Background Investigation. This will include, but is not limited to contact with the applicant’s former employers, associates, neighbors and other pertinent sources. Applicant’s military history, school records, police records and driving record will also be investigated. All examinations are conducted by qualified/licensed individuals designated by the Sheriff’s Office at the Sheriff’s Office expense.

        Due to the nature of the application and selection process for the Sheriff’s Office, applicants can reasonably expect the application process to take a significant amount of time to complete before a decision is made to hire or not to hire. Typically, it takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks from the date of application to complete the entire selection process. The length of time it takes to complete the process can vary depending on a variety of factors. Please note that this is an estimated duration of the selection process.

        Employees are required to work the time periods and/or shifts, rotational and/or stationary, and location assignment, consistent with the needs of the Sheriff’s Office.

        All applicants hired by the Sheriff serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff of Arapahoe County and may be assigned to any of the agencies bureaus, sections or units at the discretion of the Sheriff or his duly appointed representative. Employment is at the will and pleasure of the Sheriff, per Colorado State Statute: 30-10-506. Written policies and other manuals do not alter the at will status of employment.

        Successful applicants are subject to an initial status period of employment. This initial status period is 12 months for all positions. The initial status period is regarded as part of the applicant’s examination process and will be utilized for purposes of employee evaluation, training and adjustment to the demands of the profession. New employees, who fail to perform satisfactorily during the period, may be separated from the Sheriff’s Office, depending on the circumstance of each case.

        Applicants are advised that areas for disqualification from further consideration include, but are not limited to, the following:
        Illegal Drug Use. Applicants who have recent illegal drug usage will be disqualified. Recent drug use includes marijuana within 1 year and all other illegal drug use within the past 5 years. All other illegal drug use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
        Any felony conviction.
        Driving Record.
        Outside activities which may be deemed a conflict of interest.
        Revelation or discovery of assaultive behavior.
        Documented record of prior work performance.
        Unsuccessful completion of any basic requirement.
        Inability to perform the essential functions of the position.
        Police history – type, frequency and nature of contacts(s).
        Providing false or misleading information during the application / selection process.

        It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office to not discuss the reasons why applicants were not selected for hire. There is no flexibility to this policy. Applicants may be notified of their disqualification at any point in the selection process. If you receive such a notice, it simply means that you do not meet our standards at this time. Receiving this notice does not indicate that you are ineligible to apply with other agencies.
        The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the implementation of the community-policing concept. Community policing is an organizational strategy and philosophy which emphasizes problem solving partnerships between the Sheriff’s Office, neighborhoods and businesses, working together to create a better quality of life within the community.
        Applicants who failed a written test may reapply and retest no sooner than six months from the date of they took the written test. All other applicants who are disqualified can reapply with the Sheriff’s Office no sooner than one year from the date of notification of non-selection.