Team Leader – Community Custodial

Team Leader – Community Custodial

Team Leader – Community Custodial

Status: Full Time

Wage: $14.00

Hours : Monday through Thursday 4:00pm to 2:00am
*Must be flexible with schedule depending on the need

General Description of the Position:
Following established schedules, is responsible for the cleaning of assigned areas at industry standards and production rates. Requires the ability to effectively interact with professionals, other staff, and individuals served.  Must be able to implement training process at various work sites.  Must have clear understanding of janitorial industry standards and be able to meet those standards in all assigned areas.

Graduation from an accredited high school.  Prefer one year direct experience working in janitorial field or with developmentally disabled adults.  Possess a valid driver’s license and good driving record.

Essential Functions:
Ability to lift 25-50#.

1. Training/Orientation
a.  Learn job tasks and locations.
b.  Familiarize self with work environment, rules, and expectations of the job.
c.  Complete remainder of orientation packed within specified time frames.
2.  Assist in the development and implementation of the individuals’ programs as specified in the IHP.
a.  Complete the instructional activities as defined in the Objective Plan.
b.  Document individual’s progress.
c.  Report findings of people’s progress and skills to Instructor.  

 d.  Participate in individual staffings, as directed.  

e.  Document individual hours on production records and ensure payroll accuracy by validating individual
recaps before payroll deadlines.
3. Provide janitorial services according to the contract specifications at each  work site.
a. Follow all safety precautions on manufacturer’s MSD sheets and all other requirements to insure a safe
work environment.
b. Train individuals according to janitorial training curriculum and contract specifications at each work site.
c. Perform all preventative maintenance requirements to equipment for which you are responsible.
d. Provide transportation to and from work sites, if necessary.
e. Inform prevocational instructor of any problems with individuals, equipment, vehicles and contract work sites.
f. Maintain adequate chemical and equipment inventory at each contract work site.
g. Complete required paperwork for  production records, time sheets, trip (mileage) sheets, contact sheets,
behavior incident when filling out these forms).
h. Perform tasks required for completion of contracted services according to building schedules.
i. Assure all contract quality specifications are met by completing daily inspections and quality control
forms as assigned. 

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