Full Time Electronic Technician

Job title: 1571 SM – Electronic Technician

Location: Hancock Bridge, NJ

Job Group: Craft workers/Skilled Laborers

Salary details: Minimum salary $35 per hour. Potential for higher pay depending on level of experience


*** How to apply: visit https://jobs.pseg.com/ enter 54579 in the “Search by Keyword” field ***

Send an email to: Lizabeth.Thomas@pseg.com after you have completed the application


SM Electronics Technician


Performs work of high skill in the maintenance, testing and troubleshooting of all electronic instruments, automatic control apparatus and systems.


Required Skills:


  1. Inspect, adjust, calibrate, repair, remove and install as assigned, all types of electronic equipment and systems such as: fuel controllers, analog and digital computer controls, inverters, analyzers, recorders, data loggers, communication equipment, monitors, instruments, apparatus control equipment and test equipment.


  1. Inspect, adjust, calibrate and repair pressure gauges, torque wrenches, crimpers, micrometers and other similar mechanical measuring and test equipment.


  1. Modify and make changes to existing electrical schematic diagrams and electronic circuits. Implement modifications to electronic circuits.


  1. Install and operate test equipment in conjunction with job duties.

Must meet the Company’s “General Requirements,” and, in addition:


  1. Must successfully complete SM – Electronics Technician (1571) Modular Training Course.


  1. Must demonstrate:


  1. The ability to follow detailed instructions and carryout complex assignments.


  1. An aptitude for mechanical and technical work.


  1. Keen faculties of observation.


  1. Oral and written communications skills necessary for performance of the work.


  1. Must be a careful and thorough worker and produce work of high quality.


  1. Must have a thorough knowledge of the principles of electrical and electronic control instruments and control apparatus.


  1. Must know the approved method of artificial respiration and the use and purpose of the Company’s Tagging Rules.


  1. Collect, assemble and analyze data and prepare documentation, test results, reports, etc. of equipment and systems worked on.


  1. Perform other similar or less skilled work of the Nuclear Services Department.


8.  Operate Company passenger cars and pick-up trucks or equivalent.