Full Time Administrative Assistant

This is a call for resumes, by close of business (COB) on Monday, March 18, for:

  • A Special Hiring Authority opportunity with one (1) job location in Brookings, SD.
  • The position will be a full time, permanent position with USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).
  • SD NRCS desires to fill this position by utilizing Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans: Veterans Recruitment Authority (VRA).
  • This position will not be advertised in USAJOBS at this time.
  • The job will be for an Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) requiring education and/or experience to meet NRCS GS-0303 series (Clerical and Administrative Support Positions).  This position calls for at least one year of specialized experience.
  • Position pay grade is GS-5 with Full Performance Level of 6.
  • Please have all interested student veterans or SD DOL clients submit their resume and/ or redacted DD-214 member 4 to Steve Maras, NRCS Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager, email to:    steven.maras@sd.usda.gov
  • If there are questions specific to the position, please contact Michelle Burke, NRCS Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations, Brookings, at (605) 692-2344 Extension 108.