Black Hills Corp- Righland Completion II (Newcastle, WY)

Job Title: Righand Completion II  (30932)
Job Description:
Job Specifications

PAY RANGE:   $22 – 28 per hour
Base pay is determined by the knowledge, skills and abilities of the applicant.

CLOSING DATE:   This position will close on June 26, 2017.

LOCATION:  Newcastle, WY

Perform service rig and equipment work associated with downhole repair, rework, completion and abandonment operations on BHEP’s operated wells.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP:   Lead Roustabout/Rig Operator


  • Assist rig operator in performing requested work on BHEP’s wells:
    • Safely assemble and disassemble rod or tubing sections by working the rod basket, tubing board, or rig floor.
    • Remove and replace connections on wellhead and pumping unit before and after well repair operations.
    • Assemble and attach cable tools to the rig sandline to clean out sand, paraffin, or scale from the well.  Use other tools to probe and remove obstructions.  Call for sandline flags when running such tools.
    • Assist in safely driving, rigging up, rigging down and operating the service rig, swab rig and all related trucks.
    • Cross-train in the rig operator position learning to operate BHEP’s service rig, swab rig, power swivel, circulator, pump truck, etc.  Learn to control rig equipment necessary for the repair of downhole pumps, parted sucker rods, tubing leaks, and other routine repairs on oil and gas wells.  Also learn to control the rig equipment for new well completions, well abandonments and recompletion operations.
    • Learn to properly operate specialty downhole tools including:  fishing tools for tubing and rods, paraffin scrapers, casing scrapers, packers, cement retainers, bridge plugs, sand pumps and swab jars.  Perform drilling operations utilizing power swivel, circulator, drill bits, drill collars, etc.
  • Maintain all equipment in a safe, working condition.
    • Perform necessary minor repairs.
    • Change oil in engines, grease moving parts, etc. as necessary.
    • Keep all vehicles and equipment clean and in proper working condition with all necessary tools on or in the vehicle.
  • Ensure that all tasks are performed in an efficient, cost effective, yet safe manner.
    • Be sure that all tasks are performed safely and all equipment is operated in accordance with standard operating procedures.
    • Work with supervisor to schedule daily work tasks, with a clear understanding of expectations, for the following day prior to going home.  Start assigned tasks promptly in the morning and take all necessary tools and/or parts that may be required to perform the work.  The goal should be to complete all as efficiently as possible and still maintain the highest standards of quality.
    • Learn to detect and diagnose downhole problems as they arise and take appropriate action to correct the situation.
  • Complete all necessary reports in a timely, accurate, and professional manner.
    • Assist operator and learn to prepare complete and thorough records of all work performed.  These reports should include a complete chronological list of all work performed including accurate depth and length measurements, size of equipment, etc.  Keep track of the length and diameter (inside and outside) of all equipment and tools run in the hole.
    • Assist operator and learn to keep accurate records of all materials used on well repairs and maintenance.  Make sure all parts and materials are recorded for charge out on the day they are used.  For material transfers of pipe and other large items, the pipe should be counted and tallied with the appropriate paperwork delivered to a supervisor prior to the material being removed from the yard.
    • Make sure time sheets are filled out correctly to ensure proper billing of services performed.  List complete location and or well names on all forms to reduce billing questions.
  • Work toward the development of clear leadership qualities such as flexibility, cooperation, positive attitude, good judgement, written and verbal communication skills, and professional conduct.  Demonstrate a willingness to assist, train and guide others.
    • When cross-training for rig operator position, learn to provide daily work direction to other members of the rig crew.
    • Fill in for either pumpers or roustabouts as requested.  This necessitates that rig workers possess all skills required for either the pumping or roustabout positions.
    • Make suggestions to management to maintain the most efficient operations possible.  Encourage other employees to do the same.


  • A minimum of one year as a Rig Operator I, or equivalent experience.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.


  • Assorted equipment and machinery including:  service rig, swab rig and various heavy trucks.
  • Service rig tools such as tongs, elevators, fishing tools, rod wrenches, etc.
  • General purpose hand and power tools (wrenches, shovels, etc.).
  • Pickup truck
  • Snowmobile (seasonal)
  • Handheld and/or laptop computer.
  • Ability to perform basic mathematics functions.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to read and understand technical information such as instructions and equipment specifications.
  • Ability to make judgmental decisions with little or no supervision.
  • Ability to make routine public contact with contractors, service personnel and governing agencies.


  • Possess current first aid and CPR certification or, if a new employee, be able to obtain certification within one year from date of hire.
  • Possess a valid DOT certified driver’s license.  New employees must be able to obtain certification within six months of their date of hire.


  • Overtime may be required as deemed necessary by BHEP to meet job objectives or other assigned duties.  In addition, the employee may be scheduled to work nights, weekends or holidays.


  • You must be able to perform the requirements of this position, with or without a reasonable accommodation. 

The information contained in this position description describes the general nature and level of work being performed in this job.  This description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, duties, and requirements for employees in this position. The incumbent is responsible for performing all duties in a safe and efficient manner in compliance with safe work procedures and safety regulations. This job description is not intended to constitute an offer or contract of employment.  Job descriptions may and do change periodically.  Where positions are covered by a collective bargaining unit agreement, the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining unit agreement will apply.

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