Newpoint Management, LLC- IT Support (Ellsworth AFB, SD)

Job Posting-Part Time IT Positions
Employer Name: Newpoint Management, LLC
Contact Person: Jacqueline Meyers or Yolanda Gonzales
Contact Number: 626 330-1958 or 626 369-5177 FAX: 626 937-6113
E-mail Address: or
Job Location: Base Education Center, Ellsworth AFB, SD
Apply by: Email your resume as a WORD or PDF attachment to above contact person (s)
1. Job Position Title: IT Support- Salary: $14.00-$17.00 per hour
Job Description: We are seeking a Part-time IT Specialist to work 16 hours per week 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday and Wednesday or Monday and Friday. The ideal candidate shall work with 28th FSS to provide computer monitoring/upgrades/required maintenance for all Education and Training Staff’s computers, the testing computers, and the classroom computers in the Rushmore Center facility. IT will be responsible in assisting the Education and Training Staff in maintaining computers, to include the Education Office’s work station computers, and classroom computers that are on the Quality of Life server. IT will be responsible for cleaning classroom computers between terms of all student materials, and maintaining the testing computers. IT will be responsible for maintaining the SmartBoards and projectors to include light bulb changes. IT will be responsible for maintaining two classrooms computer systems with satellite connections to the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT). IT will work hand in hand with the AFIT technicians to ensure broadcast are performing properly. Level of Experience: Must have a Security Plus Certification for the IT. The ability to communicate clearly, good verbal and written communication skills, with demonstrated ability to communicate with technical and not-technical team members as well as functional management. Good personal and teamwork skills. Possess the ability to perform accurately in situations of evolving organizational requirement and deadlines. Have a valid driver’s license. Must be able to walk or stand for up to 8 hours at a time. Have the skills and abilities to quickly learn through on-the-job training and assigned reading. Must have at a minimum have a high school diploma and appropriate related professional work or volunteer experience of at least 1 year. Must be able to obtain a favorable DoD background check and security clearance