Colorado Department of Corrections- Welding Instructor (Crowley, CO)


The Colorado Department of Corrections is hiring a Welding Instructor in Crowley County, Colorado. This position starts at $50,000/year and offers excellent health insurance and retirement options, paid holidays and sick time, flexible spending accounts, and additional top-notch benefits.

Job Location:  Crowley, CO – Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility (AVCF)

Description of Job

This position provides entry-level marketable job skills to offender students by delivering career and technical welding educational instruction and assessment within an adult educational correctional system/facility. The AVCF welding program will be managed utilizing virtual welding machines and live welding.  Instruction is in accordance with the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) and/or the Colorado State Licensing Board (if applicable).

Job Duties Include:

  • Teaches and mentors offender students individually or in large and small group classrooms promoting occupational, academic and transitional performance skills;
  • Determines educational needs of offender students to develop short and long term goals;
  • Plans course content and develops methods of instruction;
  • Develops and implements competency-based teaching aids such as instructional software, multimedia visual aids, or study materials;
  • Provides hands-on training to teach and demonstrate skills, techniques, methods and procedures;
  • Lectures on welding theories, concepts, principles, and terminology;
  • Selects and administers appropriate oral, written and/or performance assessments to offender students in order to measures progress, course completion requirements, and to evaluate training/testing effectiveness;
  • Ensures security, supervision and monitoring of offender students, the storage and inventory of welding tools, equipment, keys and hazardous material in accordance with CDOC regulations;
  • Ensures tools and equipment are in proper working condition;
  • Prepares reports and maintains records such as student grades, attendance rosters, and training activity details;
  • Observes and evaluates offender students’ work to determine progress, provide feedback, and make suggestions for improvement;
  • Documents offender vocational achievements, competencies and contact hours towards completion of certification requirements;
  • Justifies accuracy and usage of budget requests;
  • Participates in conferences, seminars, and training sessions to keep abreast of developments in the field, and integrates relevant information into training programs;
  • Commitment to teamwork and collaboration with fellow teachers in a cooperative effort to promote mutual and continued guidance and improvements;
  • Actively contributes to the safety and security of the facility through effective offender management and promoting conflict resolution and solutions;
  • Encourages and promotes critical thinking, self discipline and self motivation for the offender student population in order to provide the skills necessary to reintegrate into society.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights


Graduation from an accredited college or university with an Associate’s degree in a welding or related field of study.  Transcripts must be attached in order to receive credit.  OR In lieu of a degree, applicant must possess a current State of Colorado, national, industry, military, or union license/certification as appropriate for the welding industry skill or related trade area.  License/Certification must be attached in order to receive credit Experience

The applicant must also have verifiable, paid or unpaid occupational experience in the welding industry within the last seven (7) years as per the requirements of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS):

  • An applicant with a related Bachelor’s degree or higher must have 2,000 hours of the related experience listed above;
  • An applicant with a related Associate’s degree or industry license or certificate must have 4,000 hours of the related experience listed above.

**There is no substitution for the completed 2,000 or 4,000 hours of experience as listed above.**

Conditions of employment for Minimum Requirements listed above:

  • Must possess or obtain a CCCS post-secondary credential in the welding field in compliance with the CCCS within six (6) months of date of hire.
  • Must obtain a CCCS Professional Teacher Credential within three (3) years of date of hire.
  • Must maintain a CCCS Initial or Professional Teacher Credential through the duration of employment.

*Experience MUST be described in detail on your application to receive credit*

*As part of the application process you will be required to complete an Initial Credential Application and attach it to your application.  Please click the following link: Note:  The Initial Credential Application requests that your previous/current employer complete the occupational experience section.  At this time we do not need your current employers signature, but you must complete this section with a detailed description of your welding duties performed  and number of hours.  If you are unsure of how to complete the form you may contact Danielle Martinez at 719-226-4403. REQUIRED COMPETENCIES:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Strong self motivation skills;
  • Highly effective organizational skills;
  • Compelling attention to details;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Superb written and oral communications skills;
  • Excellent computer skills to include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel;
  • Experience teaching or training in a welding field;
  • Experience teaching or training adults.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a welding industry field;
  • CCCS Credential in a welding industry field;
  • Experience teaching or training in a correctional environment.