How to Find a Job in 2014: Twitter

In the article, How to Find a Job in 2014, that appeared in Parade Magazine on Sunday, 13 April they present 5 tips for finding a job.

One of those tips is about using Twitter and Networking in 140 Characters:

If you hate schmoozing over muffin platters at conferences, here’s some good news: The best networking opportunities today are happening on Twitter. “Hiring” was tweeted 1 million times more in 2013 than 2012, says the site’s communications director, Rachael Horwitz.

If you’re just getting started, create a handle that includes your name, upload a photo, and make sure your bio defines who you are as a professional. Follow any companies you’d be interested in working for, as well as industry thought leaders and influencers. Check out people they follow to broaden your list. “Favorite-ing” someone’s tweet will send that person a notification and could get you on their radar.

You’ll also start to hear about scheduled tweet chats (when people post about a particular topic using the same hashtag) that you can join. Follow up with individuals by tweeting directly at them. “People will see that you’re a go-getter,” says Selena Larson, who used Twitter to land her job at tech news site

You can read the other tips by following this link to the Parade Magazine website.