C4-SK01-2 Junior C-IED Training Integrator (TI) – Lackland AFB, TX

**Position Awaiting Contract Award**

***SECRET Clearance Required***

The Junior C-IED TI shall be based at determined RTC locations and serve as a liaison between the AETC Expeditionary Training Division as it relates to C-IED training and equipment. Additionally, the Junior C-IED TI must be knowledgeable about current COCOM theater entry requirements. The Junior C-IED TI shall provide technical support, planning, consultation, analysis, advice and execution to establish, integrate, maintain, improve and disseminate C-IED training related information as it pertains to EOD and IED subject matter. The Junior C-IED TI shall assist cadre during the instruction of student personnel at training locations on concepts, TTPs as they relate to C-IED training, i.e., indicators, operation of CREW Systems and 5/25/200m drills. The Junior C-IED TI shall assist in the recovery and maintenance of C-IED lanes, conduct maintenance and upkeep of C-IED training devices and equipment, maintain, reset, and sustain the C-IED training lanes.The Junior C-IED TI shall research C-IED TTPs, Lessons Learned and Doctrinal publications to assist training cadre with employment of such information as it relates to the C-IED training. The Junior C-IED TI shall provide directional guidance, counseling, and assistance to cadre, Opposing Force (OPFOR), Red Team, or Civilians on the Battlefield (COB) personnel that participate in the C-IED training lane experience. This individual shall be capable of modifying existing scenarios as training requirements change or shortfalls are identified.The Junior C-IED TI shall maintain a current working knowledge of IED components, emplacement and concealment as used in the current US Theater of Operations (OEF/OIF).  The Junior C-IED Training Integrator shall be familiar with the identification, nomenclature and explosive characteristics of Unexploded Ordnance in the CENTCOM Area of Operation.The Junior C-IED TI shall have a working knowledge of, and know the following but not limited to the DUKE and CVRJ vehicle mounted Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (CREW) systems. Must remain current on existing and emerging CREW systems and requirements, prepare for and assist SF with the integration of systems into SF RTC C-IED training venues, as required. The Contractor may assist with CREW instruction of and installation of CREW systems as required.  The Junior C-IED TI shall maintain contact with C-IED Integrators at other CONUS and OCONUS training venues. The Junior C-IED TI shall establish partnerships that instill open sharing of information between locations. Maintain situational awareness on deployment locations of UTCs, ensuring emerging TTPs are supported as they relate to C-IED activities. The Junior C-IED TI shall ensure training venues incorporate applicable C-IED training equipment items such as CREW systems, Escalation of Force (EOF) Kits, Training IEDs (TIEDs) and other related equipment, as required.The Junior C-IED TI shall assist in providing an in-depth assessment of unit and individual performances and provide feedback to the unit using the After Action Review (AAR) process, as required. The Junior C-IED TI shall assess other AF C-IED training venues and incorporate best practices into their C-IED training lane program, as approved by their Government representative.The Junior C-IED TI shall assist in coordination with the installation Range Manager or Range Control to provide support for C-IED training lane set-up, operation and tear down.


The Junior C-IED TI:

Must have at least six years experience as an EOD Technician and possess recent and relevant operational IED experience in OIF or OEF environments.

Shall have knowledge of the Air Force C-IED training processes, programs and requirements.

Shall possess and maintain a DoD Secret security clearance throughout TI execution.

Shall be a graduate of the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD) course held at either Indian Head Maryland or Eglin AFB, FL

Pioneer Technologies Corporation Overview (PTC):

Since 1995, Pioneer Technologies Corporation (PTC) has provided technical, analytic, and project management support to the Department of Defense.  PTC’s engineers and analysts help meet the technological needs of warfighters in multifaceted mission areas.  PTC’s team includes experts in the fields of engineering, operations research, modeling and simulation, architecture development, and flight test. PTC is a prime contractor on the CAAS IV contract vehicle that will provide numerous contractors for Langley AFB, the AF District of Washington (AFDW), and other ACC bases around the country.

PTC is an equal opportunity employer that offers competitive compensation and profit-sharing incentives.  PTC’s comprehensive benefits package includes a health reimbursement account option, educational assistance, pension plan, and Roth and traditional 401k options.  PTC employees are provided ample training opportunities to enhance and expand their professional skills.  PTC employees also enjoy flexible work schedules and leave allowances that promote a healthy work-life balance.

PTC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, but also has offices in Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Dayton, Ohio; and Hampton, Virginia.  PTC is a proud supporter of the Guard and Reserve and employs several active reservists.

Please apply via email to jobs@ptc-us.com or on our website http://ptc-us.com/jointheteam.php


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